You may see and download all Google knows about you.


You’ve probably heard the expression “Google knows you better than you know yourself.” You already know how Google tracks you and how much data Google collects from its users thanks to our prior post. We’ve been utilizing Google products and services on a daily basis for over a decade. You may be curious to see the data you provided to Google after seeing how much data Google collects from you. In this article, we’ll explain exactly what Google knows about you, how you can access the data you provided to Google, and how you can download your data for via Google Takeout.

Download your data Google Takeout

Google has a separate tool to access and download all your data stored by Google. The tool known as Google takeout combines all your data into one file which you can then download. Using this tool you can download all your emails, videos and comments, Google Drive files, and almost all your data on Google account. You can choose which data to download and can also choose the extension to download the files.

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Download your data step by step

1. Launch your web browser and navigate to
2. Sign in to the Google account from which you want to retrieve the data.

You may see and download all Google knows about you.
3. Select the services whose data you need to download under “Select data to include.”
4. Select the next step. 
You can additionally select specific things for each service by clicking the optional detail buttons.
5. Next, select distribution method, frequency of delivery, file type, and file size.
You may see and download all Google knows about you.

6. You can choose to receive a download link through or to save the data archive to Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive under the Delivery method.

7. In the Frequency section, you may choose to the data once or schedule a regular export to the selected location every two months for a year.

8. Select a file type for your exports from the.tgz archive formats, as well as the maximum size of a single archive file, under File type & size. That is, if you choose 2 GB, exports larger than that size will be split into numerous files.

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9. Finally, click the export button. The export could take a few hours to a few days; you’ll be notified by email when it’s finished.

Why To Use Google Takeout?

Google Takeout is intended to provide data if you’re planning to leave Google and switch to another service provider. You can investigate what Google knows about you  It is one of the best backup options with which you can export all your contacts, emails, and calendar appointments, and then load them right back up onto your new platform.

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