Thursday, August 5, 2021

UML leaders are putting pressure on the Election Commission to speed up the process of de-registering the CPN (Maoist Center)

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Former CPN (Maoist Center) leaders who have defected to the CPN-UML have put pressure on the Election Commission to expedite the process of canceling their former party’s registration.

Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, Mani Thapa, Prabhu Sah, Gauri Shankar Tharu, and other members of the UML Standing Committee visited the commission on Friday to inquire about why the procedure for canceling the registration had not been accelerated.

On Wednesday, the leader filed a complaint with the Election Commission, alleging that the party’s actions against them were unconstitutional because the party had failed to conduct a General Convention for nine years. They have urged that the party’s registration be .

They asked the officials why the process was delayed even two days after registering the complaint, according to leader Prabhu Sah.

“We enquired about the complaint’s status. The commission is considering the application and would accelerate the procedure as quickly as possible,” Sah stated.

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The CPN (Maoist Center) has labeled individuals who filed the complaint as “opportunists and immoral elements.” CPN (Maoist Center) Secretary Shree Ram Dhakal said in a statement on Friday that it was foolish for who had no issues with the party to file a complaint seeking the party’s registration be revoked.

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