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JANAKPUR: JULY 7 – Two ministers of the state’s 2 governments have resigned to settle the balance of power. Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Gyanendra Kumar Yadav and Minister of State Saroj Kushwaha have resigned.

According to sources, the two ministers have been asked to resign to settle the internal power equation and pave the way for the -Maoist to participate in the government. According to sources close to the chief minister, both the ministers had submitted their resignation letters to Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut on Saturday but it has not been made public yet.

Both Yadav and Kushwaha are leaders of the People’s Socialist Party faction. Minister of State Kushwaha said that they had voluntarily resigned to settle the balance of power and involve the Maoists in the government.

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Meanwhile, Chief Minister Raut is going to involve the Maoist center in the government with a minister and a minister of state on Sat

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