TikTok Resumes: Apply for jobs through TikTok

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TikTok recently initiated a program called “TikTok Resumes” that allows users to apply to employers directly using video resumes. TikTok Resumes is a platform created to assist members of its community (i.e. Users) who are seeking work. TikTok encourages its users to make a digital video resume or elevator pitch instead of a paper resume. TikTok has also collaborated with brands that have decided to accept TikTok resumes as part of their onboarding process. this opening, which runs until July 31, more 30 firms have signed up to collect resumes. To view firms that are collaborating with TikTok to accept TikTok resumes as part of their recruiting process, go to the microsite or click below.


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You will provide a link to your TikTok resume when submitting your TikTok resume. For recruiters to watch your video, it must be made public. It is recommended that you keep your video up and public for one month. For recruiters to examine your TikTok Resume, your account and TikTok resume video must be public or “for everyone.” You may not get any communications from a firm if you have not been chosen. TikTok has made it clear that it does not have access to a company’s submissions, and as a result, it will not be able to give any following your application.

Until the end of the program, companies will get your TikTok resume each week. For the next phases, each firm has its unique procedure. To begin the interview process, some firms may send you an email, other businesses may contact you and ask for your information to be entered into their application tracking system. It’s possible that you won’t hear from a firm unless you’ve been chosen.

All the resume videos will be populated under the hashtag page for #TikTokResumes. So, when generating your TikTok Resume, include the hashtag #TikTokResumes. You are free to apply to as many organizations and opportunities, as you believe, are a good fit for your skillset and career objectives.

Note: Currently, this pilot program has only U.S openings.

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