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Singati Hydro’s 14.5 million ordinary listed in NEPSE


Singati Hydro’s 14.5 million ordinary shares listed in NEPSE

The 14.5 million ordinary (IPO) of Singati Hydro have been listed on Nepse. After being released to the public, the same number of shares of the company were listed in Nepse on , Baisakh 14.

From , the company’s shares will be exchanged on the secondary (Baisakh 15). For which the company’s sign, ‘SHEL,’ was chosen.

For the company’s first deal, Nepse has set a minimum of Rs 100 and a limit of Rs 300 per share.

Mega Capital Markets, based in Tripureshwor, has been named as the company’s share registrar, responsibility for keeping track of all share-related transactions, filing rejections, name transfers, withholding, and updating shareholder .

About The Singati Khola Hydropower Project

The Singati Khola Hydropower Project is located ’s Central Region, in the north-eastern part of Dolakha District. It is about 27 kilometers (aerial distance) north-east of Charikot Bazaar, the Dolakha District headquarters.

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Singati Hydro Ltd. (SHEL) has been granted permission to construct the 25-megawatt Singati Khola Hydropower Project in Dolakha District. The feasibility study and Supplementary Environmental Impact Assessment study have been completed, and power evacuation and power purchase agreements with the Authority (NEA) as well as syndicated loan agreements with commercial banks have been signed. SHEPL has already purchased the land needed for various project structures, and a few more are in the works.

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