Thursday, August 5, 2021

Security detail of Dahal expanded on instruction of Home Minister violating standards

Seto Pati
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The Ministry has expanded security detail of CPN ( Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal violating the security standards VIPs implemented by the ministry less than a year back.Former prime ministers (PM) are given just 16 APF persons and two Nepal Police persons for security as per the standard but the ministry through a secretary-level decision has deployed 10 more Nepal Police persons led by a DSP for security of Dahal on direct instruction of Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand.”We had written to the to add a vehicle in front of Dahal’s on Minister Khand’s instruction,” Home Secretary Maheshwore Neupane told Setopati. The standard requires the central security committee to decide about adding security persons for VIPs after of security threats but security detail of Dahal has been expanded evaluation of security threats. “Dahal was complaining that security is adequate and Minister Khand instructed to add a vehicle,” Secretary Neupane defended the decision.A committee for evaluation of security threats under the ministry evaluates security threats of VIPs every three months and submits the report to the central security committee. Secretary Neupane that the next central security committee will discu

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