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PUBG Server in Nepal: Time to Expect Smoother Games



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It has been revealed that an ISP is preparing to launch a server in Nepal. This will result in much improved gameplay for the famous game’s gamers. Read on for more information.

Are you fed up with PUBG loading times, bugs, and delayed input response during gameplay? These shortcomings are undeniably damaging to a pleasant gaming experience. But don’t worry. There is good news for all PUBG fans.

WorldLink, a leading ISP, will shortly launch a PUBG server in Nepal. According to WorldLink’s Chief Technology Officer, Samit Jan, the ISP has done its homework and will soon establish a local server to provide much-improved gameplay to all PUBG aficionados.

According to the CTO, Nepali PUBG enthusiasts may expect “positive news about their favorite game coming shortly.” He went on to say that the ISP is fully prepared to host a local server and will have something concrete soon.

What Will A Local Server Do?

A local caching server will significantly improve overall gaming. It caches the game’s material locally, allowing it to load faster. This correlates to faster input response with lower latency, which is essential for online gaming.

To explain further, players keys in the game, the inputs are processed at the local server. As the distance between the player and the server decreases, the input response becomes significantly faster, allowing them to execute actions quickly.

Currently, if a user detects latency greater than 100 milliseconds, they suffer lag in response and have a poor gaming experience. However, with the construction of a local server for PuBG, it is rather clear to achieve ping latency of less than 100 milliseconds, vastly increasing the gaming experience.

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It is typical to hear PUBG players complain loudly about the game’s slow reaction, which they blame on ISPs. A local caching server, on the other hand, might vastly improve their gaming experience by resolving issues caused by a slow internet connection.

But There Is An Impediment

The WorldLink CTO did, however, suggest a potential hurdle to bringing the caching server up. He claimed that the government lacked clear restrictions on gaming content.

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In reference to the previous ban on PUBG enforced by the government, he stated that the government must be clear on its guidelines. To prepare the way for the ISP, it must specify which games will be permitted and which will not.

According to him, there is an underlying worry at WorldLink about the server setup. “What will happen if we build up the server and host it in Nepal, and the government chooses to delegitimize it?” he wondered. Installing a PUBG server in Nepal will be for a cause, and WorldLink expects the authorities to take a firm stand.

Server Distance Hurting The Gameplay

Nepali gamers have access to 3G and 4G broadband, as well as . In most cases, the bandwidth performance of these is adequate for gaming. However, due to remote servers resulting in higher latency, gamers have frequently experienced lags and glitches in PUBG.

Its All About Latency!

Latency holds the key to online gaming. it refers to the time from mobile takes to reach the corresponding server and back to the device. This is a pivotal ingredient to online gaming as the player’s inputs reach the server and draw the results on the screen.

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If the server is distant, the user data reach the server late and results in delayed response affecting the entire gaming. Latency is measured in milliseconds and anywhere below 100ms is acceptable. Meanwhile, latency below 20ms is considered excellent for the most ideal gameplay. Nepali PUBG gamers facing the issues also result from poor latency due to international servers.

But to the credit of WorldLink, it installs a local PUBG server, it can expect a much faster server response which equates to lower latency. It will thus provide smooth and lag-free gaming conditions to Nepali PUBG fans.

PUBG gaming has been a massive hit Nepali youths. It is more popular among teenage demography. The allure is further heightened as many Nepali youth teams have participated in international platforms and grabbed prizes. The gaming thirst also points to the narrowing digital divide and ongoing IT boom in the country.

As a leading ISP, WorldLink certainly has a plan up its sleeve. And despite the odds, it may bring in a local PUBG server soon for all PUBG fans to offer them lag-free, and fast responsive gameplay. Additionally, we can fancy region-specific competitions taking place in Nepal due to local server hosting. Let’s just hope this all will materializes sooner than later.

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Source: PUBG Server in Nepal: Expect Much Smoother Gameplay

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