People who have had a covid vaccination can travel to Saudi Arabia

KATHMANDU: JULY 20 Saudi Arabia has allowed anyone vaccinated against COVID-9 to enter the country. The Saudi government has decided to allow only those who have received both doses of covid vaccine to visit the country.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia imposed bans on various countries. A new variant of COVID-19 has recently been found in Saudi Arabia, infecting many people. is why Saudi Arabia, which has banned travel from many countries, has now allowed people who have been vaccinated with both covid vaccines to travel to Saudi Arabia.

The decision was taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Monday. The ministry made the rule as a precautionary measure against COVID. The Saudi Press Agency reported on Monday. According to the agency, Saudi Arabia has said the travel ban will be lifted from August 9.

This decision has been made after the number of infections has decreased in the last few da

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