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Our goal is to win the Asia Cup, and we must defeat Jordan in order to do so: Abdullah, Coach



The Nepali team’s head coach, Abdullah Almutairi, has stated that the team is prepared for the World Cup and AFC Asia Cup qualifiers against Jordan on .

Despite the fact that Jordan is a higher-level squad than Nepal, Almutairi stated that Nepal will enter the field hoping to tomorrow’s game. “A lot of people are telling us that we have no chance of beating Jordan,” he remarked. “Every game begins at 0-0, and the outcome is determined by the performance on the field. Our goal will be to win tomorrow’s game from the start.”

Almutairi stated that the Nepali team’s goal is to be picked for the Asia Cup and that a victory over Jordan is required for this.

“We prepared for the game against Jordan the same way we prepared for the game against Chinese Taipei,” Abdullah stated.

Last week, the Nepali team, headed by Almutairi on its maiden foreign tour, played a friendly match against Iraq.

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The Nepali squad, who arrived on the field with great spirits against the team ranked 103 places higher, established a 1-2 lead early on but 6-2 in the end.

Nepal arrived in Kuwait after a friendly match to play the remaining World Cup and AFC Asia Cup qualifiers, and defeated Chinese Taipei 2-0 last Thursday. With the advent of Abdullah, who has opted to remodel Nepali football, it is hoped that the Nepali team will be able to play attacking games as well. Kiran Chemjong, Nepal’s captain, also stated that the team environment has changed.

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Abdullah, who altered 13 players from the Three Nations Cup winning team in Nepal in April and recruited six new players, has stated that they will play an offensive game in tomorrow’s match as well.

Abdullah previously stated that if North Macedonia can defeat Germany, Nepal can also attack Australia. From this, it can be deduced that Nepal will play an aggressive style versus Jordan.

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Head Coach Vital Borkelmans stated that the game against Nepal is crucial for Jordan and that he has worked hard for it.

“Everyone expects us to get three ,” he explained. “However, this is football. Here, anything may happen.”

He stated that he had seen Nepal’s matches against Iraq and Taipei and that the country’s playing has evolved. He stated that if they perform well on the field, the outcome will be in their favor.

Nepal will take on Kuwait tomorrow (Monday) at 9:45 p.m. at the Jaber Al Ahmed International Stadium.

Anjan Bista and Nawayug Shrestha each scored goal in Thursday’s 2-0 triumph over Chinese Taipei.

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