Oli claims Nepal rejected unity even when offered second chairmanship

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KP Sharma has claimed Senior Madhav Kumar Nepal didn17;t show interest in unity even when he offered to make Nepal the second chairman.
“Madhav Nepal demanded second chairmanship if possible. I have said I am ready to make him second chairman if he comes to save party unity,” Oli stated. “Interest has not been showed even when I said so. Many pretexts are being .”
 Oli claimed that the Khanal-Nepal faction is now asking for majority in the central committee after that. “? To throw us out? Rest assured comrades, that will not be allowed. Because they have been involved in such even in the past,” he added. “Vote has been cast the government of one’s own party in the . This is immoral, unpolitical and criminal act.”
He claimed that he is still trying very hard for party unity despite all that and will leave no stone unturned for unity.
He stressed that he is very flexible for party unity and expressed commitment toward implementat

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