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Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) has issued a request for regular telecommunication and internet services in flood-affected areas.



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The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) recently issued a notice to all stakeholders requesting that telecom and internet services be maintained in flood-affected areas. and internet service have recently been disrupted in some parts of the country due to flooding and landslides. The floods and landslides, according to NTA, have caused no damage to telecommunications and internet service infrastructure. The heavy rains, on the other hand, have caused some issues telecommunications and internet services.

Disturbance in communication service 

Several parts of the country are experiencing power outages as a result of floods and landslides. Optical fibers may have been damaged by floods, causing network service disruptions.

Despite the difficulties, service providers are committed to keeping the service operational. As a result, the National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) asked residents in flood-affected areas to file complaints about telecommunications and internet service issues.

Challenges for consumers and service providers

The of mobile and internet service causes a slew of problems. It’s difficult to get from people trapped in flood-affected areas because there’s no way to communicate. Similarly, the rescue procedure becomes difficult.

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Delivering telecom service to the affected area is a challenge for service providers. Although the damage caused by the flood and landslide is unavoidable, telecom companies are working to improve telecommunication service.

Nonetheless, the NTA has asked customers to notify them if they encounter any issues while using the service. The National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) appears to be gathering data on telecommunications and internet service outages caused by the recent flood. They will also request that the operators not add the problem to their capacity. However, if the cause of the problem is a power outage, they will have a difficult time finding a solution.

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Source: NTA Requests For Regular Telecommunication And Internet Services In The Flood-hit Areas

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