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Nepal Likely to Prioritize Citizens Above 55 years for COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

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The Department of Health Services has stated that vaccinating is a priority.

The priority access to the COVID-19 vaccines will be decided on the age factor for the next vaccination campaign.

Elaborating on this, the vaccination branch of the Department said that the National Vaccination Action Plan has emphasized that vaccination will be done based on age. Based on the criteria, the people of the landlocked nation shall be vaccinated accordingly.

Dr. Jhalak Gautam, Chief of Vaccination Branch, said, “Age group will be the basis for vaccination priority.”

The Chief clarified that no was taken on age criteria until Sunday evening. The age criteria shall be decided on Monday.

Vaccination Campaign Nepal

Department’s Logistic Management Section Chief Upendra Dhuganna stated that people in the age bracket of 60 to 64 years were previously vaccinated. However, some in that age bracket are yet to be vaccinated. The ones who were yet to be vaccinated shall be inoculated now.

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The USA dispatched 1.5 million doses, and Nepal received them on Monday. is also sending 4.5 million COVID-19 vaccines.

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Nepal will be using these vaccines to launch its vaccination campaign. Chief Dhuganna stated that people aged more than 55 years are less than 3.5 million people and are likely to be vaccinated in this upcoming campaign.

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