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Nabil gave Bir Hospital an

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KATHMANDU: JULY 13 – Nabil Bank Limited has handed over the state-of-the-art Hospital for the National Academy of Medical Sciences (Bir Hospital). The plant was handed over in a formal ceremony on the of its 37th anniversary.

Nabil handed over the plant to Bir Hospital on the day of its anniversary. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the bank and the hospital on May 19 for the establishment of the plant. As per the agreement, Nabil Bank has provided all the expenses for setting up an oxygen plant a capacity of 50 cubic liters per hour and the hospital has provided the required space, the bank said.

With the end of the second wave of and now the third wave spreading to other parts of the world, Nabil’s Oxygen Plant is believed to help by responding to the third phase of risk and supplying life-saving oxygen to patients.

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Nabil Bank has been very active in human welfare for some now. The bank has been supporting the government since its inception under the Covid-19 epidemic under its corporate social responsibility. The bank has provided cash assistance of Rs. 60 to the

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