Melamchi Project labor camp was carried away by water, and the workers’ condition is unclear.

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: Floods and caused by heavy rains have harmed the Melamchi Drinking Water Project camp. According to the Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee, the project’s structure is secure.

The committee’s spokesperson, Rajendra Prasad Pant, informed Nepal Press that the camp, which is located right below the Melamchi Drinking Water Project in Helambu -1, Ambathang, was flooded.

“Flood entered the headworks at the source of drinking water,” he explained. Based on the structure’s current condition, it appears to be safe. However, the labor camp beneath the headworks has collapsed.”

The labor camp housed workers who were constructing headworks. According to Pant, no information has been received on the workers’ status since the rains swept away the camp. He was concerned, though, that there may have been casualties within the camp.

According to Pant, “all of the headworks structures have been submerged by water.” The structures can be seen from the water. However, no harm has been observed thus far. We’ll know more after the water level drops. ”

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He stated that the tunnel was secure because the gate to the drinking water source had been closed. He stated that he was unable to reach the location owing to a road barrier.

The Melamchi project’s second phase construction sites in and Larke have also been affected. The flood in the Indravati River in Thangpal Municipality in Pachpokhari has damaged the second phase of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project. The labor camp has also sustained damage.

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