Thursday, August 5, 2021

Karnali budget expenditure only 65 per cent

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SURKHET, July 16: The budget expenditure of the Karnali Province government is only 65 per cent at the end of the Fiscal 2020/21. The province government spent more than Rs 5.13 in the last five days of the last fiscal year 2020/21. 

A of Rs 5 billion 132 million 300 thousand was spent July 10 and 14. 
According to data shared by the Province Financial Controller’s , the government spent Rs 16.82 billion until July 9 while it jumped to Rs 21.96 billion by July 14.

The government spent Rs 12.25 billion in the past one month – mid-June to mid-July which accounts for the 57 per cent of the total expenditure made by the province in FY 2020/21. 

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Financial Controller’s Office shared that the provincial government spend 65.8 per cent of the total budget.

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