How Richard Branson will ride own rocket to space

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Virgin Galactic will become the first rocket company to launch the boss when Richard Branson straps into one of his sleek, shiny space planes this weekend.
The self-described tie-loathing adventurer and troublemaker will join five company employees for Sunday’s test flight from Mexico’s southern desert the company’s trip to the edge of space.
Branson assigned himself to Virgin Galactic’s first full-scale crew, jumping ahead of Origin’s Jeff Bezos, an even richer rocketeer looking to launch himself into space. Bezos’ liftoff is set for July 20 from West Texas.
A brief look at Branson’s ride and company:
Just a week shy of 71, the London-born founder of the Virgin Group says he’s “not apprehensive at all and it is the dream of a lifetime” to ride into space. The longtime fitness fanatic put in extra effort to prepare for the brief up-and-down flight. “I’m in my 70s now so you either let yourself go or you get fit and enjoy life.” His wife, children and grandchildren will be there as he climbs aboard the rocket plane ’s attached to a dual-fuselage aircraft for takeoff. During the three to four minutes of weightlessness, “I’ll be looking back at our

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