Monday, August 2, 2021

Everest Bank’s flag flies on the top of Mount Everest
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Bank’s famed climber Mingma David , who has designated as the bank’s global , has managed to hoist the bank’s flag on Mt. Everest.

The bank announced that with Sherpa, it was able to raise its flag on the summit of Everest on May 30.

During a function on Thursday, Sherpa handed over the flag to the bank’s chief executive officer, Dr. Sandhir Kumar, in the middle of a program. On the event, Assistant General Managers of the Bank Keshav Raj , Ashutosh Sharma, and Pushparaj Upreti, Head of the Bank’s Market Management Department, were present.

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Sonam Sherpa, a famed climber who ascended Mount Ketu in the summer, was also honored during the ceremony.

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