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Detailed report of Panchkhal’s geophysical survey awaited

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PANCHKHAL, July 20 : It has been already four months since the Department of Archeology worked out on the geophysical survey of archeological sites based in the Panchkhal municipality. 
The Department had worked for the project in collaboration with an expert team from the UK the survey suggested the high potentiality of historic archeological features at Panchkhal- and its surroundings.

The survey facilitated by the expert team from the UK’s Durham University covered the areas surroundings Simali, Basuki Sthan, Maltar, Kankeshwor Mahadev Temple and Kankeshwor Health Post areas and Bhamarkot of ward no 6.  

According to archeological officer Bishnu Pathak who was also the part of the survey project, the study suggests the huge potentiality of historic heritages of archeological importance and the a detailed  would come once the data analyzing get complete. 

Though it was said the detailed report after three months of the completion of survey, the Department is waiting for the document. Department’s Damodar Gautam said, “We have been waiting for the detailed document from the expert team and it might have been delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic.”   The geophysical survey has been conducted in other parts of the country as well, it is said.

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None of the report of any surveyed place has been received so far, he said. The team had surveyed at Panchkhal for a week. 

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Director Gautam shared it is seen that more excavations needed to be done at Panchkhal once the report is received. 

He said, “We have kept Panchkhal in priority.” A geophysical survey was carried out at Panchkhal through British Survey’s machine and drone camera. 

Earlier, the Department has already on June 29, 2020 informed UNSECO about the heritages of Panchkhal. The eight-member expert team of Durham University in had arrived in Nepal in the first week of March to carryout survey of heritages of different places of the country.

The team was called from London as it was necessary to conduct geophysical survey as heritages goods and pillars found during excavations at some places of the country are Lichchhavi and medieval historical heritages. 

The team had completed survey activities at different places of six districts of the country.

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The survey machine finds out the subterranean situation up to a depth of seven metres 
from the surface under the heritage site.  

The Department has stated that it has carried out the geophysical survey after it was confirmed that the archaeological findings in course of the excavation and search c

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