Thursday, August 5, 2021

COVID’s ‘Delta Plus’ variant was seen in Nuwakot

Makalu Khabar
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KATHMANDU: JULY 9 – A Delta Plus variant of COVID-9 has been seen in Nuwakot. According to the hospital, Delta (B617.) and Delta Plus (B167.2) + K417N variants were found in the sequencing of four swabs that positive for PCR in the laboratory of Trishuli Hospital in Nuwakot district.

The samples of four swabs that were found to be PCR positive in the PCR laboratory of Trishuli Hospital were sent for gene sequencing in the international laboratory through the National Public Health Laboratory, Kathmandu. The samples of three swabs were Delta (B617.2) and Delta Plus (B167.2) + K417. A statement issued by the hospital said.

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The Delta Plus variant is 60 to 100 percent more contagious than the -wave Alpha variant and the second-wave Delta variant, the statement said.

“The Delta Plus variant has the potential to infect people of all age groups, from children to the elderly, and have a greater effect on the lungs, and the Delta Plus variant is more likely to be the catalyst for the third wave of covid,” the statement said.

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