Thursday, August 5, 2021

Coca-Cola starts ‘Special with Coke at Home’ campaign
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Coca-new Cola’s television commercial, “Special with Coke at Home,” has debuted. Coca-latest Cola’s TV commercial appears to reflect emotions.

In which you can enjoy a refreshing coke while eating home-cooked cuisine. The campaign’s tagline, “Special with Coke at Home,” communicated the concept, “Together taste better.” demonstrates that our home-cooked cuisine is much more special because of its taste and unity. Various Nepali foods can be seen in promo, as well as three groups of family and friends making different dishes and enjoying fun with Coke.

Mr Adarsh Awasthi, Country Director, Coca-Cola Nepal, commented on the new campaign, saying that during the epidemic, people and their families were trying out new cuisines by testing new recipes, and even who were not interested in cooking before were taking the lead. This new advertisement is inspired by these fleeting moments. Coke has been a part of some of the cutest moments. We believe that while families continue to cook, eat, and bond at home, the underlying sentiment of this movie will strike people’s hearts and make them crave a bottle of coke while eating at home.

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Coca- Cola’s campaign ‘Together Test Better’ and Nepal’s specialised ‘Coke End Mills’ expansion, which reflect the country’s culture, food, and people, are represented via TVC. Coca-goal Cola’s with the campaign is to motivate people to celebrate Coca-Cola with home-cooked cuisine and to recall exceptional experiences in unparalleled , according to the business.

“Spending a lot of time at home brings back special and simple moments like cooking and dining together, and Coca-Cola has long been known as a perfect beverage in the name of ,” said Pradip Pandey, Managing Director, Bottlers Nepal Limited.

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