China blasts dam to divert floods that killed at least 25

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China’s military has blasted a dam to release floodwaters threatening of the country’s most heavily populated provinces, as the death toll from the widespread flooding rose to at least 25.
The dam operation was carried out Tuesday night in the city of Luoyang, just as severe flooding overwhelmed the Henan provincial capital of Zhengzhou, trapping in the subway system and stranding at schools, apartments and offices.
Another seven people were reported missing, provincial officials said at a news conference.
A posted on Twitter by news site The Paper showed subway passengers standing in chest-high muddy brown water as torrents raged in the tunnel outside.
Transport and have been disrupted throughout the , with rain turning streets into rapidly flowing rivers, washing away cars and rising into people’s homes.
At least 10 trains carrying about 10, passengers were , including three for more 40 hours, to Caixin, a business news magazine. Sections of 26 highways were closed due to the rain, the Transport Ministry said on its social media account.
A blackout shut down ventilators at the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, forcing staff to use hand-pumped airbags to hel

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