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At least three months to take to restore Melamchi-Kathmandu water supply system

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KATHMANDU: JULY 9 – It seems to take at least three months to restore the Melamchi to the Kathmandu Valley water supply .

The Melamchi Drinking Water Project sets a target of bringing about waters from the -based Melamchi River up to Sundarijal by mid-October. The Committee is to undertake the related works in collaboration the local levels and other related bodies.

The project was largely damaged by the recent devastating flood from the river. Access roads to the project, bridge, and some structures at the construction site had damaged by the disaster in mid-June, the Committee said.

According to Committee information officer Rajendra Prasad Pant, they set a target of restoring the water supply system if temporary access to the project could be made by re-opening the track and placing a Bailey bridge. But the Committee is not sure whether the target could be met as the risk of future damages to be caused by monsoon still prevails.

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“If we could reach the headwork by mid-September, mud and other depositions caused by the flood inside the tunnel would be cleared off next months. The time to restore the supply system could take longer if there is havoc by the flood,” he said.

The Chinese construction company, Sino Hydro, has been carrying out the remaining works of the project. Among the construction of the structures like the tunnel, headwork,, and the water treatment center, only the works of the headworks remain.

The project has categorized the repair works to be carried out into two categories – works to be carried out immediately and works to be done in long term. Construction and repair of the approach road come under the immediate work.

Project information officer Panta said it is estimated that Rs 1 billion would be required for the repair works. As he said works like construction of the road and bridge and clearing the road up to the headwork should be done immediately to supply water from Melamchi River in Sindhupalchok to Sundarijal of Kathmandu.

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