According to Prime Minister Oli, the Constitution allows discretionary powers to extend the Cabinet


Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has stated that the administration has discretionary authority to extend the Cabinet under the Constitution.

Prime Minister Oli cited Article 76 (9) of the Constitution in written response to the Supreme Court through the Office of the Attorney General, which provides for the creation of a Cabinet on the Prime Minister’s advice.

Likewise, notwithstanding the provisions of Articles 78 (1) 76(9), the Prime Minister can recommend any individual who is not a member of the Federal parliament to be appointed as a minister, according to the reply submitted today in response to a show-cause notice issued by the apex court in a writ filed against the expansion of the Council of Ministers.

The Prime Minister has issued a 17-point statement that includes justifications for his reappointment as Prime Minister and his decision to suggest the House of Representatives be dissolved.

The dissolution of the House of Representatives was unavoidable as a result of the failure to designate a new Prime Minister in accordance with constitutional rules, according to Article 76 (7) of the Prime Minister’s written answer.

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